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Travelling Through Walton Bridge

Posted September 2, 2014 by admin


With roads, subways, bridges, streets, and public transportation, the UK has one of the best and the safest transportation systems in the world. All cities and towns in the UK are using their expenditures to improve the transport. Trains are upgraded; buses and taxis have become more advanced, uniform, and safe.  Beside the transportation modes being improved, the roads and highways are also given special consideration.

Walton is a city of England comprising of an efficient transportation system. On the Northern Line of the Mersey rail network, there are two railway stations. It has a local transport system and also private transportation operates there efficiently.

Over the River Thames there is a road bridge known as Walton Bridge. It connects Shepperton and Walton. It is the first road bridge constructed in 1890. It was constructed to cross a stream named as black broom. The Walton Bridge is a real piece of attraction for tourists. Those come to visit Walton, never miss to visit the Walton Bridge too. The significance of this bridge for the tourist is that there are severe worth seeing places near this bridge. Some of the worth seeing places near Walton bridge are Chertsey Bridge,  , Hampton Court Palace, Painshill, Lulworth Cove, etc. It also connects many other bridges. The first Walton Bridge was constructed with timber and after that other bridges were made of bricks and stones. Easy way to travel through the bridge is to hire a professional taxi by calling Walton Taxis company.

Importance of the bridge:

Walton Bridge is one of only five overpasses of the River Thames that are accessible to local traffic within Surrey. The Walton Bridge is a very significant bridge for the local residents. It is very helpful in providing the access to several local educational institutions, schools, colleges, offices and markets. It also offers a pedestrian and cycle connection amid Walton and Shepperton. The bridge is used by all vehicle types such as buses, coaches, automobiles, cars and taxis Walton on Thames to travel from or the town. The bridge is an important connecting route that ensures Walton’s economic development.

The Walton Bridge was constructed with more width to allow more traffic to use it. Theestimate shows that Almost 34,000 vehicles use the bridge each weekday. And almost 1200 heavy goods vehicles use the bridge daily. The bridge is serving the needs of the heavy traffic flow in the Walton. Tourists get impressed by this wonderful bridge and some people who have come to Walton and used the bridge for travelling found that it is the most magnificent bridge of the UK and the whole credit goes the team that is functioning on the bridge. They have observed that it is the most clean and tidy bridge ever seen. Walton Bridge is best in the safety regard too. The new design of the Walton Bridge was also made to decrease the rate of accidents.

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